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In addition to training in the nursing curriculum, future critical thinking skills should be emphasized in the profession of nursing., are there any research in Canada on the characteristics and behavioural risk factors associated with alcohol misuse in homeless populations? Specific review objectives: To determine the prevalence of alcohol misuse in homeless populations in Canada.To evaluate the methods used to measure alcohol misuse in homeless populations.To determine the association between alcohol misuse and characteristics of homeless populations (eg, demographics, mental illness).To determine the association between alcohol misuse and behavioural risk factors (eg, health behaviours, risk of injury, self-perceived depression) in homeless populations.To determine the effectiveness of interventions and programs for homeless populations who misuse alcohol in Canada. For this CDA, the following data sources and databases will be searched: Medline, Embase, CINAHL, Cochrane Library, Web of Science, EconLit, and CERQual. The reference lists of retrieved records and study-specific search reports will be reviewed. The search will be limited to English language studies. We will contact experts in the field and other key informants to identify any relevant articles. Search strategy {#Sec14} --------------- We will use medical subject heading terms and keywords, with additional terms for "alcohol" and "homeless". The following search terms will be used: *alcohol AND homelessness* *alcohol AND homeless* We will not apply any limits with regard to date, country, or study design (for example, meta-analysis will be excluded). Data extraction {#Sec15} The two reviewers will screen titles and abstracts for relevance against the prespecified inclusion criteria. The full text of studies that appear relevant will be assessed for inclusion. We will use a standardised data extraction sheet based on the CERQual and Critical Appraisal Skills Programme guidelines to extract the relevant information from the selected studies. We will extract information on country, design, sample size, definition of alcohol misuse, prevalence, demographic characteristics, relationship with homelessness, screening instruments, and associations. The reviewers will resolve any disagreement by discussion. The methodological quality of each study will be assessed




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Ebp Obras Y Reformas Pro 2010 Crack 60

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