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Kathryn Zabinski

Member, WNEA

Kathryn Zabinski is a Certified Life and Career Transition Coach with Leadership Expertise. She is also the Founder/Business Owner of Your Potential, LLC which is a coaching and consulting service-based business. She has lived in Lake Havasu City since 2002. She has a master’s in organizational management and leadership, as well as attended as a first-year student the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies in Organizational Leadership. She is currently studying for her certification in the science of Neuro-Coaching.

Kathryn has been on the journey of changing jobs, trying to figure out a career path – and getting frustrated and disappointed along the way. Eventually, she found the tools needed to build a roadmap and implement the plan of action. She has lived it, felt the emotions, had the thoughts, and now helps others struggling to get out of the maze to do the amazing things they are meant to do – to live to their potential.

An appointment can be scheduled on her calendar at, email her at or call (760) 392-1927.

Corporate Workshops can be found on FaceBook at YP Workshops or email or (760) 392-1927

Your Potential, LLC looks forward to working with you – to envision your possibilities and live fully into your potential.

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