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Owner at AH_mazing Oils & Wildlife Photographer

My business is a home-based business featuring doTERRA Essential Oils, Aromatherapy accessories which includes diffusers and my handmade lava rock bracelets. Find me on Facebook (here).@ahmazingoils and online

My husband, Gary and I moved to Lake Havasu City in August 2016 from North Fort Myers, Florida. We were in Florida for about 3 ½ years rehabbing a house in order to sell it and our suburban Portland, OR home so we could move to Lake Havasu City (our retirement dream). We have been married for 25+ years; I’m Mom to 2 beautiful girls and I raised my nephew from the time he was 14 months old along with Gary’s 2 daughters, we have 5 children who have blessed us with 7 grandsons aged 19 to 4! I love being “Grammie” to each one of them. Our home is also blessed with a sweet Lab mixed ‘puppy’ named Charlie who was rescued from WAHS. We’re rescue kind of people; all our pets have been adopted from the pound or found needing a good home. We’ve been very fortunate to have special bonds with a variety of ‘critters’ including a gray squirrel, named Simba, who was rescued in Florida at just under 2 weeks when his mother was killed by a feral cat. He was an amazing travel companion on our trip from Florida to Arizona. He brought us so much love and broadened our love of wildlife in ways we never would have imagined. We miss him a lot.

I’m an amateur wildlife photographer. This passion was one I found accidentally when we lived in North Fort Myers. We had a Bald Eagle Nest about a mile from our home, I began learning about this magnificent bird of prey by visiting the nest on a weekly basis during nesting season and wanted to capture what I saw. My cell phone (circa 2013) just didn’t have the capacity to do that. I purchased a Nikon and learned how to use it. That was an incredible adventure – learning how to use the camera on its manual setting and being able to watch and capture photos of 4 clutches of Eagles.

I currently volunteer for Dr. Keri Anne Loyd, ASU Wildlife Biologist, by documenting nesting pairs of Burrowing Owls in and around our city. This is helping her monitor the Burrowing Owl population in Lake Havasu City. Burrowing Owls are an endangers species. They are the only owl species that lives underground and is active both day and night. I love to explore the washes to capture this beautiful bird with my camera. At nesting season, it’s always a bonus to capture the owlets playing outside the burrows.

I became interested in Essential Oils after I fell and broke my back not too long after arriving in Lake Havasu City. We were searching for Burrowing Owls when I fell from the concrete platform in one of the washes. It took over a year to be able to have surgery to repair the damage, the pain was intense, but I did not want to be on a pharmaceutical cocktail to control it. I was introduced to Essential Oils in 2016, after doing research I found essential oils offered me a way to work through my pain issues naturally, not adding chemicals or synthetics to my system. My business was born out of my passion to share what I’d learned with others about allowing Mother Nature aka plant medicine to improve the quality of their life. After becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate in 2017, I spent most of the next year learning about the oils, the science behind the oils, and researching what oils worked well with other oils to begin to make my own blends for my aches and pains. As with many life adventures, there is a funny story behind the beginning of this journey. My husband’s comment, “You do that voodoo you do, just don’t try that stuff on me!” surely was a defining moment for me. I had to prove to him that this is something we need. Looking back, it’s now almost 4 years later and he’s singing a very different song, is my #1 supporter, and will talk to anyone (whether they want to listen or not) about the power of essential oils in our life.  

I’d love to talk to you about doTERRA Essential Oils, please feel free to contact me by phone/text (503)449-5132 or email 

If you have done business with me in the past, I would love your feedback. Find me on my Google Profile as well and write a review by clicking (here).

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