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Cristi Newport

Member, WNEA

Independent Consultant for Arbonne International

I moved to Lake Havasu in September 2020 to be with the love of my life. I am excited about the new surroundings, friends, and opportunities. I have lived in CA, NV, FL as well as Vancouver, British Columbia.

As an Arbonne consultant my goal is to empower others to flourish inside and out with sustainable healthy living. I was first drawn to Arbonne in 1998 because of their ingredient policy and have been using the products ever since. The Arbonne difference is the holistic approach to product development which is rooted in clinical science. The 4 pillars that set them apart are 1) plant based ingredients 2) high clean standards 3) co-developed with experts 4) rigorous scientific testing. I am particularly proud that Arbonne is a Certified B Corp which means it is a force for good for people and the planet.

I am the mother of 2 adult children, a yoga instructor, a certified diamond cutter, a certified florist and a certified jewelry CAD designer. So you can see I love to explore and learn new things. I love to be out in nature and am ardent advocate for physical activity as much as I am for the preservation of the environment.

The purpose that my life and business is for is to create and leave a legacy that empowers others to see and act beyond the ordinary to experience extraordinary lives.

Instagram: be_extraordinary17

Phone: 559-304-0762

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