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Connie Hess

Treasurer, WNEA

Pampered Chef Independent Consultant

Currently serving as Treasurer, for the WNEA Board, Lake Havasu City.

I am a proud dog mom, currently with 2 rescues, which one is a Great Dane. Danes are my breed of choice! I love the gentle giants.. they are so entertaining and fun. I have 3 wonderful Ex-Step-daughters which share their wonderful families with me.

I spent 25 years as a VIP International Travel Consultant. I loved the industry, but after 9/11 things surely changed so I retired. I have lived overseas for 10 ½ years and traveled extensively.  I love the opportunity to have Foreign Exchange High School students come and stay with me. I enjoy sharing our wonderful country with them.

I love my current position as a Pampered Chef Consultant. I love to cook and share recipes, cooking techniques and great products. Eating clean and healthy is my passion and I love to help others with this as well.

I love to volunteer at my church, Redemption Hill Calvary Chapel,  in the children’s and sound ministries.  

Phone: 928-863-9393

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