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Janet Cruz

President , WNEA

Janet serves as President (Term 2021-2023) and is a Freelance Journalist and content writer in California and Arizona. Janet was previously an on air TV reporter for the CBS 13 Affiliate in AZ .

She worked previously as a Corporate Education Coordinator from 2016 to 2021 where she coordinated personal development courses for local businesses and leisure studies for the community, before venturing on her own and partnering with Your Potential, LLC.

Janet was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and later spent four years in Orange County, California to complete her Bachelor's degree at Chapman University in the city of Orange. She also studied abroad and spent a semester in England at (UCL) University College of London and spent time in Paris, France.

She currently serves on the Lake Havasu Chamber Foundation for Education & Leadership (CFEL) Board of Directors 2023 - present.

Janet loves connecting with local business owners of all walks of life. She is also a mom and wife. Multitasking is her superpower! She enjoys helping others make the most of their business by focusing on their strengths, branding and improving their overall image and brand through training workshops which can be found on FaceBook at @YP Workshops or email

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